Man Takes His Life After Finding Out His Three Kids Were Not His Biological Children After 34 Years Of Marriage

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A young lady has taken to Facebook to reveal how her father committed suicide after finding out that he was not the biological father of her and two of her siblings.

According to the lady, her parents were the perfect couple growing up and she looked up to them especially her dad. She further revealed how her dad made her feel special by pampering her, encouraging her and walking her down the isle to marry her husband.

At this time her parents were married for almost 34 years and they never quarrelled or even shouted at each other. The lady, let’s say her name is Linda, also disclosed how her father used to take her mother out on dates at least twice a week during their 34 years of marriage.

In bizarre twist of events, Linda (not her real name) decided to have a DNA test with her father and this was because her father’s parents didn’t have a close relationship. In her quest to find out if they had other family members they could talk to, it turns out her blood didn’t match with her father’s own which was a bit weird.

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Upon further investigation and probing from her mother, it was disclosed that the mother had an affair with her father’s best friend for 11 years. Shocking right? This specie called women can literally kill you before your time.

Well, Linda’s father unable to contain the humiliation and heartbreak decided to commit suicide.

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Read her full story below;

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