Man Tells Friend To Pay Him After Busting Him Sleeping With His Wife

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The unusual has happened in Tanzania as a businessman has demanded to be paid by his friends after busted him sleeping with his wife.

Reports from a local television station show that the man known as Issa Kasili from Mpimbwe in Tanzania caught his wife and friend, Mayombi Mwela at a guest house.

According to the source, the business mogul refused to fight them for cheating on him but rather demanded to be paid Ksh240,000 (N892K).

The television stations video they received has the businessman seriously confronting the two in the guest house.

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He was heard saying, “You have slept with my wife Mayombi, you have fulfilled what you set out to do.”

Turning to his wife he said, “You delivered a child for me and now you think you are untouchable. Our marriage is over from now”

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He however told the friends to pay his wife’s expenses he has made, “Pay me back my expenses and take her, she is now your wife”

Reports also suggested that the friend paid Kasili the amount he asked for.

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