Man Traveling On Dependent Visa Allegedly Sent Back To His Country After His Wife Failed To Pick His Call When He Arrived In UK

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An almost unbelievable story making rounds on the internet has it that a man (it’s likely he’s from Nigeria) was sent back to his native land after he touched down in the UK and his wife refused to pick up his call to verify whether he’s ‘dependent’ on her as a first-time traveller. 

Apparently, the immigration officers in Manchester doubted if he was really married to the woman and probably lied his way through during the process of the visa acquisition. The full story as shared on Twitter reads;

‘A guy was travelling for the first time on dependant visa to join his wife who lives in London, but was sent back because his point of entry was Manchester. They tried to call his wife, but she didn’t pick. The immigration officer wasn’t convinced they are truly married.’



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