Man trying to woo beautiful woman apologizes to her later after seeing the flashy car she uses

A man ate humble pie and lowered his self-esteem by apologizing to a woman he was wooing initially the moment he saw her car.

Apparently, the woman’s status scared the man so much that moments after he woo her in a supermarket, he made a u-turn after he walked her up to her car and was interested in the kind of woman she was up against, sort of.n

The story was shared on Twitter by the woman herself who happens to be a business mogul, sort of. According to her post, the man apologized to her saying she is his oga (boss) and shouldn’t have proposed to her considering her status.

She wrote; ”Someone aborted mission on toasting me at Ebeano today after walking me to my car.

He said I’m his oga and he shouldn’t have tried it. I don’t know how to feel”

Read some comments below..

@lolofirstclass; I saying all the time men dint know what to do with a rich independent lady. They’ll pretend they they don’t like dependent women meanwhile it boost their ego. 😂😂😂 baby girl feel anyhow you like

@Pebblepj; That man lives in a place called reality. He’s looking at probabilities and most women don’t love and respect men they perceive to be “below” them. It’s the culture of hypergamy that exists (which I don’t even think is a bad thing)

@SheunAdeola; Haha can’t blame the man. Honest self assessment is good. Let him go date within his social cadre

@Dontee___; Nah… It’s low self esteem.. What made him think the lady won’t be interested

@uchetony007; Lol, can never be me. I’d have begged you to drop me at my house.

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