Man who beat up his girlfriend silly at the mall because she refused to answer his call arrested

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A man who vented his spleen on his girlfriend simply because she wasn’t answering his call has been nabbed by the police.

A corresponding video of the man storming a shopping mall and getting physical with his girlfriend for not picking up his calls has been shared online.

An eyewitness claims that the girl, who works at the mall, said she didn’t take his calls because she went clubbing with her friends.

The person also said this wasn’t the first time the abusive man has beaten the lady.

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It took the timely intervention of other shoppers and mall security officials to stop the man from causing further harm to the defenseless lady.

Elsewhere, a Nigerian woman has spelt out her specs as she launches a search for a husband.

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According to her any man that can afford to buy her a Rolls Royce will roll with her.

She warned potential suitors who drive Toyota Camry to stay away because she is not in their league.

In a selfie video, the lady said any man who does not meet this criterion should never try and woo her because she means business.

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