Man who began trekking from South Africa to Mecca in Saudi Arabia arrives after three years of walking (Video)

A man from South Africa identified simply as Saheed has made a record after he arrived in Mecca on foot three years after he set off from his home country to Islam’s holiest place.

According to the report, the man journeyed through several African and European countries before he reached his destination.

He reportedly started his almost impossible pilgrimage on his journey on August 30, 2018, and he walked through Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt and Palestine, where the COVID-19 border lockdown forced him to pause his journey.

The man said he stayed in Palestine for more than a year and after the border was reopened he continued walking through Jordan, and Medina before arriving at Mecca.

Saheed who is from Cape Town has said right after the Hajj, he will journey back on foot, the same way as he came.

He spoke to reporters about his experience shortly after arriving in Saudi Arabia.


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