Man who is still a virgin at 33 says no woman wants to date him

A 33-year-old man, who has yet to experience intimacy, has turned to social media to share his journey of seeking true love and the challenges he faced in his pursuit of a genuine partner.

Taking to the Reddit platform, he expressed his decision to remain a virgin, prioritizing a deep emotional connection with a woman he truly loves over casual encounters.

Despite receiving advances from friends, he declined their offers, only to realize one day that time had swiftly passed, leaving him still a virgin at the age of 33. The narrative he shared garnered numerous comments from social media users who empathized with his situation.

In his words;

“I’m a 33 year old male and have never had sex. I’ve had the opportunity come up a few times but it was either a FWB kind of deal or a open marriage relationship, each time I declined. I guess I want my first time to be with someone I love and for it to be special. I’ve tried dating but it never really worked out so I stopped then time just got away from me.”

Netizens share their opinions

SuddenAnxieties784 said: “Your story and your thought process is exactly the same as mine. I also want the first time to be meaningful, so I never really looked for any casual stuff and only tried to look for something meaningful, but to no avail. But I must say, with each passing day my urge for some physical intimacy is increasing, be it in any form (even casual), because the loneliness is killing me man.”

Monroegoodwin477 said: “Trust me at this your age don’t tell a woman you are still chaste. Maybe when you find someone you love…women love men that have experience about something and more mature about having lust and sex.”

Imaginary_101 said: “You shouldn’t care what people think. Also your value doesn’t come from sex, you simply have vaule dude. We live in a misandty society that hates men.”

Keldrath said: “Unless you’re with a girl from church or something who’s super traditional and wants to wait for marriage too and is looking for that specifically, yeah unfortunately it is and it’s best to just never mention it.” 


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