Man Who Wishes To Give The World To His Girlfriend Surprises Her With Love Letter And iPhone 12

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A Nigerian man has emitted a new romantic template after he surprised his boo with a new iPhone 12 along with a handwritten note that has triggered waves of emotion in his woman. 

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Dora, the lucky lady took to Twitter to show off the surprise gift she saw on reaching home. In the love letter, the young man loaded his message with witty comments and this has obviously sent the lady to cloud nine and back already.

Dear Baby,

I wanted to give you the world, but then I thought, where would everyone else love? So I got you this instead. I LOVE YOU!!!

p.s: You see those arrows piercing the hearts, Na so your love dey chookoo chookoo me”


”My partner makes promises to me and surpasses them. He makes me so so happy. See what I came home to!!”


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