Man won’t stop crying after stranger promised him that he’ll buy his lunch for him every single day plus get him a job (Watch)

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A homeless and hungry man, Robert had no idea he was in for a respite and probably a complete turnaround in his life after he approached a complete stranger at a filling station to beg for money.

The man, Max Zahir instead of meeting the man’s expectations rather invited him for lunch at a nearby eatery. As the kind stranger was ordering for lunch, Robert could not just stop being emotional as he was thanking him.

Max told him he takes the route every day and if the man meets him at the gas station, he will keep buying him free lunch or dinner.

Although the incident happened in 2015, the video has been reshared on social media to show how ‘human’ see people can be in this chaotic world.

“I just wanna do something, and maybe one day you’ll get to your feet, and just pay it forward. And just… stay positive okay….You take care alright… just stay hopeful,” Max told him.

The homeless veteran could not hold back his tears. Robert said that nobody had ever shown him that much kindness in a long while.

After Max shared the video of the man online, it quickly went viral. He set up a GoFundMe with a deposit of $10,000 (N4,115,000) and it has since exceeded $20,000 (N8,230,000). Apart from that, Max also offered to get him a job.

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