‘Manasseh attacks the NPP because gov’t refused to give his ‘unemployed’ brother a job’– Anthony Karbo’s aide drops bombshell

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Kofi Hagan, an aide to former Deputy Roads and Highways Minister, Anthony Karbo has slammed investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni and revealed why he has always been on the neck of the ruling government under the stewardship of Nana Akufo Addo. 

He claimed because Manasseh’s brother was never given a job by the government, he started a smear campaign to make the New Patriotic (NPP) unpopular in a controversial post he shared on Facebook.

According to him, Manasseh had made continuous trips to the Ministry of Roads and Highways carrying the CV of his brother looking for work, however, to no avail. This development pained him and therefore decided to cause the disaffection for the party, he argued.

His full post read;

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“If the Devil is the father of all lies, then Manasseh is probably the nephew he adores. He must be spoiling Manasseh with his best of traits because the compulsion on Manasseh to lie seems supernatural.

Manasseh lies with devilish wisdom. And just as the Bible tells Christians to pray without ceasing, it seems Manasseh’s instructions is to lie without stopping or until at least the NPP Government is no more. The gentleman has been lying since 2017, and it is not even getting boring.

Maybe it had to do with the many trips he made to the Ministry of Roads and Highways carrying the CV of his brother looking for work. Perhaps it had to do with the openings he has been looking for his wife. Maybe it had to do with the regret over not taking all the bribes he claimed Jospong offered. Maybe.

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But Manasseh is the same notorious liar who wrote a similar piece on Captain Smart’s exit from Kwaku Oteng’s station. Same style, almost the same tone, same claim to having been briefed by some source he could not disclose. But as it was with Captain Smart, so is it with Metro TV.

They are all lies. When Manasseh wants to lie, he invents some doggy sources and attributes his lies to these doggy sources. He wrote that entire lie to get back the Zoom Lion man with whom he has a personal issue.

But lying, Manasseh couldn’t have gone after the Zoomlion man alone, so he threw in something to make it seem the Government too were involved.

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Note: not hosting a show oooo just reading the news! Someone should ask Manasseh why will the Government seek to prevent someone from reading the news! How can reading the news ever become political such that the Government will fear an opponent is reading it?

Or he thinks NPP is afraid because of her nose? Manasseh nso… I mean the Lady does have a powerful nose but if anyone is suppose to be threatened by that, it is her competition, Akrobeto, not NPP. Certainly not NPP.”


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