Manasseh Azure Gives Tips To Politicians On How To Avoid Wrong Results After Elections

Multiple Award Winning Investigative Journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has given some tips to Politicians on how to avoid theft in the elections.

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In a long Facebook post, he wrote:

1. Let your agents, who are in all the polling stations, take your copy of the signed pink sheets when the votes are counted at the polling stations.
2. Let your agent video record the presiding officer when he/she is declaring the polling station results for the sake of evidence. Let them send it and photos of the pink sheets to a dedicated number in the constituency.
Add the polling station results to get the Constituency results.
3. Go to the constituency collation centre with your full results.
4. What happens at the constituency collation Centre is a confirmation of what you already have.
5. If your party is going to Constituency collation Centre to know how it performed, then you’re not serious and you can be cheated.
6. Get a team at the regional level to tabulate what comes from the constituencies. This will give them a true picture of your performance in the region.
7. Get a team at the national level to tabulate what comes from the regions.
If you don’t have an elaborate system at the national level to track all the polling results, you still will not miss anything if you prepare teams at the various levels to carry out these simple checks with mobile phones and laptops.
8. Cheating can happen in various ways but you can track and account for every single vote announced at the polling stations if you’re prepared to do so.

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