Many Women Will Do All Kind Of Things To Get My Kind Of Body-Deborah Vanessa

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Incase, you think Deborah Vanessa would take a look at what decency means after you yelled all those insults at her when she released a nude picture of herself barring her infamous ass, then you are soo wrong!

Deborah Vanessa had posted a picture of herself lying stark naked on her bed on all her social media pages which she then asked her fans to tag their equally pervert friends who would love to look at it and that raised eyebrows of many Ghanaians and generated a heat of debate on various blogs, radio and TV stations. [Read Also: Deborah Vanessa Asks Us To Lick Her Butts]

deborah vanessa
Her Dress at the channel o music video awards last yeat

She has been described as an attention seeker and just want to do something, to draw people’s attention as her talent has refused to do so for her. You would recall, that just last year, she was the subject of discussion at Channel O’s music video awards as she wore a see-through dress that revealed her underwear.

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But in the middle of all the hullabaloo, the Uncle Obama hit maker, Deborah Vanessa, has said that she does not mind if people see her as an attention seeker. [Read Also: Deborah Vanessa In Her Sunday School Dress]

“Yes I love attention; I have always loved attention since I was a kid so if people see me as such, I have no problem with that. All I know is that I’m me and I have to celebrate myself,” she told Showbiz.

Commenting on her latest nude post, she said; “ that picture was among others that were taken way back in June this year and it was not my intention to upload it online, I didn’t post it myself but when I noticed how people liked and re-tweeted it, I decided to let go. But truth be told, I have a nice body so I need to celebrate it. [Read Also: Deborah Vanessa Kicks Ahouf3 Patri Out In The Latest Skit Of Kalybos]

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“Many women will do all kinds of things to get the kind of body I have been blessed with so why should I hide it? I have a nice skin tone, no scars, and no stretch marks so I need to flaunt what I have been blessed with.”


Well, her nude picture did not get that famous on the internet and many bloggers have argued that, it didn’t because her ass is not that big enough like Kim’s own.

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She holds a degree in Publishing Studies and a Masters Degree in Book/Journal Publishing from the University of Arts, London.

Deborah Vanessa is also the host of Gliterrati which airs on Ghone Television


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