Marc Rantseli Age: How Old Was He Before Death?

The 58-year-old Rantseli, one-half of the dynamic musical duo MarcAlex, passed away in the hospital on Thursday morning after a brief illness, leaving the music world in mourning. Renowned for his involvement in the 1980s hit song “Quick Quick,” Rantseli played a crucial role in the music industry. Marc was hospitalized two weeks ago for hypertension, according to his brother, Alex Rantseli. He died as a result of pressure on his brain caused by this.

Who is Marc Rantseli?

According to a news report, Marc passed away tragically after a brief illness while receiving medical attention in a Johannesburg hospital.

Marc was the driving force behind the musical group MarcAlex, along with his brother Alex. Originating in Diepkloof, Soweto, the charismatic pair won a lot of awards, including the Best Newcomer OKTV Award in 1988. The song “Heartbreakin’ Love” by them shot to the top of the Radio Metro and 5FM charts.

Another victory for MarcAlex occurred in 1989 when their hit song “Quick Quick” peaked at number one on the South African music charts. The momentum carried over into 1990 when they released “Boys B-Boys,” along with reworked versions of a few original songs via ATCO Records and PWL Records, on their critically acclaimed debut album of the same name.

Marc Rantseli’s Career Journey

Marc devoted time to advocacy outside of their musical pursuits, helping the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (Samro) defend the rights of other musicians in the nation. His many accomplishments have made a lasting impression on the South African music landscape, and those who were impacted by his presence and work will always cherish his legacy.

In addition to his musical legacy, Marc leaves behind a personal legacy as a father survived by two children. Fond memories and tributes flooded social media, with one user reminiscing about the duo’s televised presence in the 80s, highlighting how their music, deeply rooted in African influences, resonated not only locally but also captivated the international community.

The loss of Marc Rantseli reverberates through the hearts of those who cherished his music and the cultural richness it brought to the global stage.

His significant influence on the music industry was demonstrated by the outpouring of condolences that followed his passing on social media from both the music community and ardent fans.

MarcAlex’s journey started in 1988, and their breakthrough song, “Quick Quick,” quickly shot to the top of the charts, making them a force to be reckoned with. Their following albums, which included hits like “My Life,” “My Love,” “My Everything,” and “Breaking Love,” cemented their reputation as pioneers in the music industry.

Unfortunately, Marc’s brother Alex Rantseli disclosed the circumstances that led to his hospitalization. Marc had been hospitalized for high blood pressure two weeks before he passed away, which put pressure on his brain and caused his premature death.

How Old Was Marc Rantseli Before Death?

After a brief illness, Marc Rantseli passed away in the hospital on Thursday morning at the age of 58.


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