Marcela Basteri: Everything You Need To Know about Luis Miguel’s mom

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Marcela Basteri was an actress who disappeared in 1986 and since then people haven’t heard about her whether she is no more or has just decided to stay away from the public eye.

Where was Marcela Basteri from?

Marcela Basteri grew up in the beautiful city of Carrara, Tuscany, and was fond of movie-making hence she was hooked on acting from her early days when she was young.

Marcela Basteri ventured into the movie industry through modeling however the last time she appeared in public was in 1986. This has since become a hot topic and in 2021 it was one of the controversial issues that surfaced online.

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Despite her disappearance causing a lot of attention on social media, her family has been tight-lipped about the issue especially after it was reported that Marcela Basteri was missing.

Following the report about the disappearance, a family member of Marcela Basteri, Rosa came out to say the actress drowned and died but this is yet to be confirmed.

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Other reports suggest that she was involved in drug trafficking as a result of some complications in her marriage.

Marcela Basteri
Marcela Basteri

Who is Marcela Basteri’s husband?

Marcela Basteri settled down with her husband, Luisito Rey. He is a popular Spanish musician. The union between the couple brought up their son m, Luis Miguel

As you may know, Luise Miguel is now multiple award-winning singer and is commonly referred to as El Sol de México.

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Marcela Basteri on Twitter

Well, Marcela Basteri is not available on Twitter or any other social media platforms but her fans have created accounts on her behalf as a tribute to the actress.

There is no information about her net worth as nothing has been disclosed about it since her disappearance.

How old is Marcela Basteri?

Marcela Basteri was born to her parents, Vanda Tarrozzo and Sergio Basteri on December 10th, 1946, and would have been 76 years if she was still alive

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