Marcella Samora Net Worth , How Rich is Marcella Samora?

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Marcella Samora Net Worth Net worth is one of the many things people around the internet wants to know about her. This article will help you discover every details you should know. So let’s get straight into knowing whom Marcella Samora is.

Marcella Samora Profile

Age 78
Profession Model
Nationality  American 
Date Of Birth  17th July 1944
Husband  Abraham Quintanilla

Who is Marcella Samora?

Marcella Samora Is a popular American model, fashion designer, songwriter and singer who was born in America on July 17, 1944.

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Marcella Samora Happens to be one of the highly known persons who kept some of their personal informations away from the public. As a result The names and many details of her parents and siblings are under the veil.

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It is however speculated that her father is from Amarillo, Texas while her mother happens to be a native of Colorado.

Every star has a moment attributed to their rise to fane and the American entertainer came to the spotlight through her daughter Selena and her husband. She enjoyed her life being confidential and remain low key.

Marcella Samora And her daughter Selena

Marcella Samora is a homemaker and a social worker. She was the one in charge of The Selena Foundation which was established by her in collaboration with her family to satisfy every kind of need or deprivation.

Though Marcella Samora keep her private life secret and never spoke about her net worth, her family has been successful in the entertainment industry. Her husband Abraham was able to accumulate $10 million.

Marcella Samora Husband 

Marcella Samora met a gentleman called Abraham Quintanilla whom she has been in a romantic relationship in the form of dating for two good years without any controversies breaking into the public’s hearing.

They met each other at the time when Abraham was in the military while Marcella was staying in Washington. Abraham was also a singer and producer.

Marcella Samora and her lover Abraham Quintanilla after dating for two years decided to take their relationship to the next level. The Couple tied the knot in a marriage ceremony that was held in the year 1963. With the aim of not subjecting their mark to any media scrutiny, they made it a private weeding which was strictly by invitation and was attended by only close friends and families.

On December 13, 1963, they welcomed their fist son named Abraham Quintanilla II. Four years after the birth of Abraham II, the couple gave birth to their second child on 29th June 1967. They named her Suzanne Quintanilla.

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The family then relocated to Lake Jackson, Texas in the early 1970’s. The couple then gave birth to another child named Selena on April 16,1971.

However, Marcella was first diagnosed with a tumor that required an immediate surgical operation. Before going for the operation, the couple agreed to get a second opinion and the second expect informed them about Marcella’s third pregnancy.


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