Marie Stopes Introduces An Emergency Contraceptive Pill Called BK-1

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Marie Stopes Ghana provides reproductive health services and products to ensure every woman and girl has the knowledge, tools and power to determine her own future, and have children by choice and not by chance. Marie Stopes makes contraceptive products available to women to help achieve this aim. Marie Stopes International Ghana is expanding its contraceptive products range and has introduced its brand of emergency contraception pill known as BK-1 Emergency Contraception Pill. 


BK-1 is a high-quality product made to exacting standards and quality.

  • It is a 1 pill emergency contraception which is easier for women to take 
  • Helps provide protection from unwanted pregnancy in case of a contraceptive accident such as forgotten pills or slipped condoms, and in cases of rape or unprotected sex. 

How the product works 

BK-1 Emergency Contraception pill contain a small amount of female hormone that prevents pregnancy by interfering with ovulation. 

However, it does not inhibit implantation of a fertilized egg and It does not interrupt an established pregnancy or harm a developing embryo and hence does not cause abortion of an established pregnancy. 


The effectiveness depends on when it is taken. Treatment should begin as soon as possible after unprotected sex; the sooner the pill is taken the more effective it is. 

BK-1 is effective up to 5 days after unprotected sex or contraceptive accident. 

It reduces risk of pregnancy after a single unprotected sex act by up to 90%. 

Emergency contraceptive pill, BK-1

Indications and Usage 

Each pill of BK-1 Emergency Contraception Pill contains Levonorgestrel 1.5 mg. It is a progestin-only emergency contraceptive indicated for prevention of pregnancy following unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. 

To obtain optimal efficacy, the tablet should be taken as soon as possible but within 120 hours or 5 days after intercourse.

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