Mark Okraku Mantey Fires Back At Daasebre’s Management Communicator And Described Him As Blockheaded

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Chief Executive Officer of Slip Music, Mark Okraku-Mantey has described Nana Nakaa Mutty, Communications Director of Enas Multimedia as blockhead.

His jab comes on the back of a statement released by Enas Multimedia on Sunday which said the firm had a say in the intellectual property of highlife artiste Daasebre Gyamenah because it was managing the singer before his demise.

According to the statement, Okraku-Mantey does not have the sole right of Daasebre’s ‘Kokooko’ even though he was the producer of the song.

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As such, the Slip Music boss’ decision to take legal action against Sarkodie for not seeking permission before doing a rendition of the song was wrong.

But Okraku-Mantey responding to the statement on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Monday said Nana Nakaa Mutty has demonstrated his ignorance.

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The statement from Enas Multimedia further labelled Okraku-Mantey as “hypocrite” saying, he failed to show up at the funeral of Daasebre Gyamenah but was quick to fight over intellectual property.

Reacting to that, Okraku-Mantey said he could not be at the funeral because he had lost his father. “Even if Daasebre has 40%, same as business. The one who holds higher has the say… Even if Daasebre gave them a document that they should come for his royalties from me, they still do not have the say because I own more.

And so far, nobody has introduced me to any Enas Multimedia as the representative of Daasebre. When we were filing a document at COSGA years ago, Daasebre had a next of kin. So he (Nana Nakaa Mutty) doesn’t matter in this case,” he told host, KMJ. “The guy is empty-headed. Don’t waste your time on him,” Okraku-Mantey added.

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“My dad was supposed to be buried on the same 25th of November so I was also struggling with mine. So if I did not come to the funeral and stay at my small corner, you call me a hypocrite?

My right is the production; Daasebre is not my right. It has nothing to do about Daasebre, how he feels about me or how I feel about him. The young man calling himself a communicator should learn better,” he noted.





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