Marli Van Breda: Who Is The Sister of Henri Van Breda?

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Marli Van Breda hasn’t had it easy though she was unscathed when his own brother Henri Van Breda decided to throw his sense away and attacked his own family.

As the sole survivor from that act by Henri Van Breda, Marli Van brother, if asked how she was feeling at that time, would probably not be able to react as she wouldn’t quite know what exactly to do: whether to feel lucky for not being murdered by his brother or sad for losing all of her family with only a murderer of a brother left for her o deal with.

Nobody would like to be in her situation.

As the sole survivor of that gruesome act, many people have sought to track Marli Van Breda to find out where she is, what she is doing and how she has been coping with having to live alone with no family members left.

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Well, as more and more people want to find more information about her, we put this together to make things easy for them, hence our feature on Marli Van Breda.

So, who is Marli Van Breda? We shall find out in the ensuing paragraphs.

Marli Van Breda Profile

marli van breda
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Marli is the daughter of Martin and Teresa van Breda.

Marli’s siblings are; Henri and Rudi van Breda.

The murder of Marli’s family

Marli is a survivor, and January 27, 2015, will remain a day she will never forget in her life.

It was the day his brother, Henri Van Breda embarked on what hasn’t quite been seen before: He murdered his own family with only Marli managing to escape the axe attack on the family.

On January 27 2015, Martin and Teresa van Breda together with Rudi were found in a pool of blood in their De Zalze Golf Estate.

Marli was the only survivor of the brutal attack by her own brother, Henri van Breda who murdered his family with an axe.

She was 16 years at the time the horrific incident happened.


Marli escaped the incident but not without bruises as she got injured a lot.

She sustained cut wounds to her head after the axe was used on her, leading to severe head trauma.

She suffered five axe blows to the head and also had her jugular vein slashed.

The incident made Marli suffer retrograde amnesia which means that she was unable to remember anything that happened.


Marli Van Breda

Being the sole survivor, a chunk of the family’s fortune of some $17 million is expected to be given to Marli.

With the trauma of losing a whole family, I bet money isn’t Marli’s immediate concern, is it?

Your thoughts are welcome? Would any right-thinking person just decide to murder his family like that?

This can only be likened to the Menendez brother’s murder of their own parents.

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