“Marriage is for women, not girls” – Ohemaa Woyeje counsels Xandy Kamel following marital troubles 

Xandy Kamel has been counselled to treat her marriage and the issues thereof with decorum, maturity and a greater sense of discretion.

Ghana media personality, Ohemaa Woyeje has sent consoling words to the actress following her recent social media outcry over some cracks in her marriage.

Xandy Kamel had spoken at length in a video about her husband Kaninja where she raised concerns about how his infidelity was plaguing the health of their marriage.

The marriage which is barely a year old has begun to see some deterioration to the point that Xandy was calling for an immediate divorce.

On the back of that, Ohemaa Woyeje believes Xandy Kamel needs to learn how to iron out her marital issues with her husband by resisting the urge of washing their dirty linens in public.

In an Instagram post with accompanying photos, Ohemma Woyeje advised Xandy Kamel to find alternative and wise ways of dealing with her marital problems other than sharing them on social media for public sympathy.

She sent the following words to Xandy:

The last sense I learnt was never to discuss my marriage with friends! Marriage is good but never perfect! Marriage is for WOMEN, NOT Girls!

I can feel your pain @xandykamel 😔 but take it easy on urself. People have worse things under their carpet in their marital homes but they polish and show to the public what they prefer to put out!

With time, this same offense ur partner might have committed will sound normal to u and u will look back n laugh at it 😆 People that are respected highly are doing even worse things unseen!

Run for ur life ONLY if it endangers your life. BUT if it won’t kill u; then just give it TIME ☀️Let go of it.🙏 Stay away from the public and their made to believe sympathy ❤️‍🩹

And when u finally cross this stage, don’t love with ur heart 💜 anymore; But still luv anyway.😁 The first few years of most marriages hits d point of (Near-Divorce) until u decide to stand firm!

You are not alone, don’t feed haters. #itswell #AdjoaRasta #Ohemaawoyeje


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