Thursday, November 26, 2020

‘Marriage Is Not A Playground Or A Lab For Experiments’ – Counselor Adofoli

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Social media counsellor, Edem Adofoli has made yet another profound statement on social media to school married couples.

To him, the manner at which people experiment with love while married thereby hurting the other party is totally uncalled for, saying sarcastically that marriage is not a laboratory where experiments are conducted.

In a new Facebook post, he said:

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“Marriage is not a playground or a laboratory for experiments but a lifelong walk between two mature people. It’s not a game for boys and girls. You need to be ready and prepare for it. It isn’t by force, it’s by grace. You need to develop yourself, build yourself up before you go into a relationship with the aim of marriage.

These days people go into relationships to seek for help, they go into relationships to look for someone to become what they want to be, to achieve their personal dreams and ambitions.

But one thing they forget is, when you depend on people to build you up, you are equally giving them the power to break you down. You are giving them power over you. You are making them your god. It’s God who can help you become what He wants you to be, not a man or woman.

If your aim is to look for someone to feed you, you should be okay when they starve you. You don’t expect such people to know your worth and value when you sold it so cheap to them in the first place.

It is like giving them the right to disrespect you at any time; for they feel you are indebted to them for who you are.”

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