Marriage is still not a top priority for me now — Michael Oti Adjei  

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Michael Oti Adjei, a smart sports journalist, has said that getting married is still not his top priority, even though he likes a lot of women.

Many people think that the respected sports journalist, who has built a good name for himself, should be married by now.

But when Betty Yawson was on Untold Stories on GH, she said Michael Oti Adjei, who is well-liked in the country, says that when he was a child, it wasn’t at the top of his wish list and it still isn’t.

“I don’t know if I said that but I said that growing up it wasn’t a top priority and still not a priority now.

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“I don’t know my instinct might change but I said to Nana Aba and I am saying this to you when I wake up and I am planning the things I will do, marriage doesn’t fall in.

“But I understand that people like it, good luck to them,” he told Untoldstories TV GH.

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He continued, “Yes I have a lot of admirers and there are others too I admire a lot and it’s normal

“You can admire people and get all the benefits from it but you don’t have to be married to them.”


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