“Marriages Would Be Dead Without Side Chicks”, Nigerian Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro

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Controversial, self-styled relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has said that marriages would break but for the availability of side chicks.

Side chicks have become an issue lately, if not something that has been there for long, and a lot of wives have become critical of their husbands’ association with other girls, especially small girls.

But according to Blessing Okoro, side chicks make married women sit up and take good care of their husbands to prevent them from finding solace in side-chicks.

“Without side chicks, some marriages would have been long dead,” she said.

Without side chicks, Blessing Okoro believes a lot of women would have turned palliative to their husbands at home.

Palliative is a term that describes an activity that relieves an individual of pain temporarily but does not tackle to cause of the problem, so she is insinuating that without the side chicks, husbands would just be using their wives at home for some temporary relief but their emotional issues will still remain unresolved unless the side chicks come in.


Side chicks make married women sit up.

Without dem, some married women for don turn palliative for husband house,” she added.

Some of her funds didn’t agree with her on this, whiles others believe it is true.

Someone said; “Lies from the pit of hell.”

“It’s the truth. And that’s why most men don’t work on the problems in their homes because they get satisfied outside. Most men don’t ask for divorce. Those side chicks are their coping mechanisms,” wrote, another.

“Trust me blessing… you need a man. A man that won’t hurt u again. U post out of hurt. Love is a beautiful thing. Side chicks has no place in a mans heart. And u know so…. you r someone’s side chick that you u keep throwing shade at married women. U wish to be in the married woman position, it can still happen though, just stop posting out of jealousy or something,” another fan commented.

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