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It seems like our celebrties like to make writers, bloggers and the media look bad in the eyes of the public.

They are always on the defensive, spew all manner of invectives at reporters, tell their innocence to the public and portray writers and newspapers as purveyors of false news, but when the news is a positive one about them, they do not deny that and smile, with soo much grace on their face.

Months ago, Razz Newspaper reported that there was some unrest in the marriage between actress, Juliet Ibrahim and Kwadwo Safo, son of the famous Apostle Safo – a report that was vehemently denied by the actress and the husband.

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In anger, the actress even told the paper and its readers to mind their own business and that; all was going well in her marriage.

Over the weekend, Juliet Ibrahim released a press statement, officially announcing her divorce from her husband and pleading with her fans to accept and respect their decision.

Razz Newspaper has conducted some investigations to find out the reasons behind the breakup, separation and divorce of the marriage between Kwadwo Safo and Juliet Ibrahim.

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According to sources very close to the actress, Juliet claims that the marriage was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened. She said that; she got involved with Kwadwo Safo briefly and in the course of the friendship, she got pregnant. The unplanned pregnancy is what caused Kwadwo to marry her.

The actress shockingly claims that Kwadwo Safo’s family did not support the marriage from the onset. The family of her husband failed to show up for the marriage ceremony and have openly showed their disapproval and lack of support for the marriage.

Juliet also said that; the marriage ended over a year and half ago and another reason for the break up was that – Kwadwo Safo got involved with another lady who was as fair as she (Juliet) and competed for the love and attention of her husband. The source claims that Juliet was overly angry at her husband because the fair complexion of the said lady was as a result of bleaching; so, she wondered why her husband would go in for somebody like that.

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Per her account, Juliet also claims that although the marriage ended sometime ago, she and Kwadwo have continued to remain good friends and meet and talk when it becomes necessary.

In another related twist, Juliet is said to have been in a serious relationship with Nigerian model/actor IK Ogbonna right after her marriage collapsed. She spends most of her time in Nigeria and she is reported to have spent quality time with IK. The model even featured in Juliet Ibrahim’s music video to her lukewarm single released months ago.

Juliet and IK broke up recently and IK is reported to have used his social media page to plead to the actress for forgiveness and seeking a comeback.

Razz also spoke to Kwadwo Safo on his take over the news of their break up and he responded that; he’s a very reserved person so the public can rely on Juliet’s side of the issue. He said that; he doesn’t believe in discussing his personal issues in public so anything that comes from Juliet should be considered the truth.

He added that, Juliet Ibrahim is the one who has a story to tell but he doesn’t. He would rather prefer the media to talk on the new ‘4×4 kantanka’ act that he and his father are working on and bringing unto the market.

culled: RAZZ newspaper


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