Married man arrested for burning a woman to death after she turned down his proposal and married someone else

The Adamawa police command has detained Ibrahim Muhammadu for planning the murder of a recently wed after she deserted him.

Only two weeks after their wedding, on September 6, the suspect is suspected of paying someone to light the woman and her husband on fire.

On Saturday, September 10, it was learned that the woman had suffered severe burns and had passed away while the male was being treated in the hospital.

Ibrahim Muhammad, a married man with four children, reportedly fell in love with the dead and married her after spending roughly N150,000. The dead apparently turned down the marriage proposal after receiving the money and wed another suitor.

According to information obtained, Muhammadu hired Ibrahim Savanna, paid him N5,000, and provided him with four measures of rice in order to coordinate the killing and have the couple slain. Armed with gasoline and matches, Ibrahim Savanna went to the couple’s room in the middle of the night, collected the cash and the rice, and then set it on fire after shutting the door.


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