Married man in tears as wife demands half a million for huge bortos surgery maintenance

A Nigerian married man is currently in tears after he discovered that his newly married wife’s big huge bortos is fake.

The heartbroken man took to social media to narrate the ugly experience.

According to him, since they got married, he never had any idea about his wife’s plastic surgery till recently when he found out the amount she’s spending on maintenance.

Sharing the story on social media he wrote:

“My wife did hips and bum surgery in the past. I never knew they were plastic until after we got married. Am a big bum bum kind of man so her big bum bum was part of what made me fall for her but never knew it was all fake until one day she asked me for maintenance money, I was so confused but when I asked further questions she opened up to me about it,

“How can a woman keep such a secret from her man like that? Is it right- And this maintenance money is more than half a million naira. That is for only hips and butt maintenance. I refused to give her and next thing the butt started looking somehow. We have not even started having kids and she’s is maintaining hips with almost one million naira. Pls advise me I’m not finding it funny . Thanks.”

Realest Blogger
Realest Blogger
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