Thursday, December 3, 2020

Married Woman Confronts Gay Man Who Chopped Her Husband

Drama erupted between a married woman and a gay man on WhatsApp and it makes interesting reading.

The woman whose identity we have not established, painstakingly conducted her own investigation for some time until she realized her husband has been having affair with her own male bestie.

From the conversation which was reportedly leaked by an angry gay man, the unnamed man threatened to send the lady packing if she doesn’t stay silent with her discovery.

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According to him, he made the union between his lover and wife possible, because he thought she wouldn’t be a hindrance to their relationship.

“Let me inform you. I met Promise 2 years before he met you in the village. He has brought plenty girls for me to choose for him and I choose you. Thinking you will not be a problem to our relationship. If you try rubbish I will be the one to send you packing”, a part of the gay man’s message reads.

The photo used in this story is for illustrative purposes only.


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