‘Marry A Man You Love, Not A Man That Has What You Want’- Politician Advises Women

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Most of the time, women get their heartbroken because they invest so much into their relationship without getting anything in return. What this means is that they give so much love to their partner but ultimately they realize rather too late that the affection is not mutual. 

On the other hand, others place material things on top of their list when ‘scouting’ for a man. It is on this score that a popular journalist cum politician in Uganda, Betty Nambooze Bakileke has advised ladies to choose men they love and not the one who has material things all cooked up already.

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Miss Betty also added that when you get married to a man that doesn’t have what you want at that particular moment, it is okay, with time you will get those things and learn from each other along the journey as you grow.

In the same vein, Betty said when you marry a man that has what you want, you will never grow with him as he has everything you need, you keep static in one place.


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