Marwan Berreni Accident Update: What Happened To Him?

Marwan Berreni accident issues is fast gaining public attention and we Will delve into that in this write up but then let us know much about Marwan Berreni himself.

Who is Marwan Berreni ?

Marwan Berreni was born to a father of Algerian origin (Mourad Berreni, director and director of the Théâtre de l’Écho in the 20th arrondissement of Paris) and a Périgord mother, Martine Sarlandie, librarian.

In April 2019, he moved to the town of Fuissé, fifteen minutes from Mâcon.

The actor was in a relationship with actress Coline d’Inca, the interpreter of Sybille Cassagne in Plus Belle la Vie, between 2009 and 2015. They even adopted a dog, a shiba, named Gina. He then dated Myra Tyliann, the interpreter of Alison Valle in Plus Belle la Vie, from June 2018 to October 2019, as well as the director and model Tiphaine Schirier, from April 2020[6] to July 2022.

In February 2022, he was placed in police custody following an uproar at night and a neighborhood disput.

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He is the grandson of Charles Sarlandie, chief of staff of the Resistance within the Violette Battalion in Saint-Mesmin, and whose name is given to a village square, in Dordogne-Nord. In 2014, he trained at the ACP La Manufacture Chanson.

What to know about Marwan Berreni accident. 

In August 2023, he was actively sought by the gendarmerie following a hit and run after a serious traffic accident in Mâcon.

In fact reports further indicated that On the night of August 3 to 4, a young woman was what they described as violently hit by a car. The car was identified to be a a Mercedes 4×4, which was at that time leaving a nightclub located in Saône-et-Loire.

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It was later reported that Marwan Beranni is one of the names involved in the accident. 

The police are convinced that the vehicle in question, found in a neighboring town, belongs to Marwan Berreni. The police are still looking for the person who played Abdel Fedala. They especially suspect the man of having fled to the South

An update on the incident also revealed that Last February, the actor who was then declared as an alcoholic, had been placed in police custody in Vence after being aggressive towards the gendarmes who came following complaints of nocturnal disturbances.

What is Marwan Berreni Age , How Old is he ?

Marwan Berreni is 34 years old as of the time this write up was updated. He was born on the 4th day of December 1988 in Paris, the capital of France.


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