Massive transformation as street ‘mental patient’ is given special treatment, admitted to the hospital and cured of illness

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A mental patient who has been roaming the streets of Accra had seen massive transformation physically and mentally after some benevolent people decided to offer him help.

According to the story, the mental patient was rescued by these kind individuals who decided to send him to the hospital, pay his bills, cut his hair and eventually get him cured of the illness.

Noble Wisdom Dordoe, a humanitarian in a LinkedIn post, expressed how gratifying it felt to see a mental patient rise from the cold lonely streets to a state of recovery and massive transformation. He insisted that “mental health is curable”.

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Mental Health is Real and CURABLE.

There are ANGELS around us everyday. Edwin A. Provençal. Blessings for such an impactz

The Story:

I have been walking every morning with my friend on the Burma Camp road for the past 5-6 years.

In the past year we always saw this “mental patient” everyday lying opposite Chain Homes in the morning. We always discussed him but none of us took any action.

Three months ago, my friend, who is very spiritual, told me he didn’t feel right and couldn’t sleep and that he had to do something about the situation. I thought he was joking so I wished him GOOD LUCK.

The next day, whilst we were on our walk, he told me he had arranged for the man to be taken to the psychiatric hospital at Asylum down.

Fast forward to this day 13th October, 2021, we were called that the man is due for discharge and that he had been cured.

All his bills has been settled and arrangements are being made to send him home for integration into his family.

When I saw the man, I couldn’t hold back my tears. God Indeed works through his angels here on Earth.

Be an ANGEL in someone’s life.


Edwin A. Provençal


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