Matt Carriker YouTuber biography, net worth, wife

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Matt Carriker is a professional veterinary officer who has become popular as he is a YouTuber with several followers who throng the channels he managed daily for information on basically everything that he could teach them.

With his YouTube popularity, many want to know him.

In this article, we have put together everything there is to know about him and that includes his profession, net worth, wife, children, where he lives and any other thing that you should be in the know about Matt Carriker.

Matt’s biography

Matt Carriker
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Here is his biography.

Who is Matt Carriker YouTuber?

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Matt Carriker is a popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers and views.

He is also a licensed veterinarian with a strong desire to help animals.

He began uploading videos on YouTube in 2007 and is most known for his channels.

Matt was born and raised in the city of Fredericksburg, Texas, in the United States by Pat and Dr. Lee Carriker.

Mark William and Andrew Carriker are his two brothers, while Ali Thames is his sister.

Matt Carriker’s brother Mark died of cancer in March 2020.

Matt is a vet clinic owner at Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary in Boerne.

Matt Carriker YouTuber

Matt Carriker YouTuber
Matt Carriker YouTuber

Matt is popular on YouTube.

But how did it all start for him on the app?

On April 16, 2007, he launched his first YouTube channel, OffTheRanch.

He makes videos about automobile construction and home renovation.

Since the launching of his YouTube channel, Matt Carriker has gained millions of subscribers and views.

He might only just be known for being a famous YouTuber but he is a qualified and certified veterinarian.

He is even a vet clinic owner at Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary in Boerne.

Educational background and career

Matt received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in 2012.

Matt is noted for his YouTube career and this is after he got his certificate as a Veterinary officer which he no longer uses.

He is basically known for his YouTube career where he has a number of channels to educate people about automobile construction and home renovation.

His first YouTube channel, OffTheRanch, was launched in April 2007.

DemolitionRanch, his second YouTube channel, was launched in January 2011.

On January 28, 2014, he launched his third YouTube channel, Vet Ranch.

It is a channel dedicated to veterinarians.

Matt Carriker wife and children

Matt Carriker's Wife
Matt Carriker’s Wife and children

One person who has been a source of support to Matt is his wife Meredith Carriker.

The two have known each other since their teenage years.

Matt proposed to Mere in 2007, and they got married in 2008.

Together, they have three children: Adalyn, Annie, and Lincoln.

Net worth

How much does Matt Carriker YouTuber make in his career?

YouTubing, these days, is a very lucrative venture as people make millions of dollars annually for creating video content either to entertain, educate people who go on the app to watch their videos.

So what is Matt Carriker YouTuber net worth?

The YouTuber makes a good amount of money from his career as a vet and through his channels.

Even though he has not disclosed his exact worth, Matt Carriker’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

He is also estimated to be earning around $1.8 million yearly from his channels.


Matt lives in a decent home with his wife and children.

Matt Carriker’s house is in Texas Castle.

He has recently been doing videos about house renovation on his channel OffTheRanch.

He bought the house for $19.6 million, located in Hidden Hills, California.

He will soon be moving into the new house with his family from their old house in Texas.

Watch one of his videos here:

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