Matthew Perry Cause Of Death: Use Of Ketamin Drug Listed As Main Cause; Everything To Know

matthew perry cause of death
matthew perry cause of death

The cause of death of Mathew Perry, one of the main characters in the sit tv series Friends has been revealed and according to autopsy results, the drug ketamine has been listed as the main cause of death.

With Matthew’s death shocking the whole world and breaking the hearts of the Friends series, many have wondered what caused his death when he died on October 28 that he was dead, reports then mentioned that he had drowned in a swimming pool but for someone who has been swimming for long, it was however shocking that, that would be how would depart the world but with the autopsy now out, it has revealed some sad details, that we should all know.

In the report shared by the  County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner, on Friday it has been revealed that Matthew Perry died from the ‘acute effects of ketamine’ with drowning, artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine being the contributing factors in the death of the actor.

Matthew Perry who was 54 was found face-down in the hot tub that adjoins the swimming pool at his Los Angeles home on October 28. The news of his death shocked fans worldwide and broke many hearts.

What Is Ketamine And Why Was Matthew Perry Taking It?

Ketamine is a drug that is used to treat severe depression now and also sometimes serves as a psychedelic party drug. The use of Ketamine has evolved since its development in the 1960s which was usually used as a general anesthetic to stop animals and humans from experiencing pain during operations.

It’s clear that Perry was battling severe depression and had been receiving ketamine infusion therapy as a treatment for his depression.

According to the coroner’s report also, there was no alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth of fentanyl in his system when the autopsy was done. Ketamine can be prescribed for medical treatment but it is not known if the drugs in his system were bought using a prescription as the last infusion he had was about a week and half before he died and the drug can only be in your system for about 3-4 hours which means, the last infusion did not directly lead to his death.

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