Matthew Perry parents: Meet Suzanne Marie Morrison and John Bennett Perry

Matthew Perry’s parents are Suzanne Marie Morrison and John Bennett Perry. His mom served as press secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, while his father, John Bennett, is an American actor and former model. Following his parents’ divorce, Perry was raised by his mother in Ottawa, Ontario, and also briefly lived in Toronto and Montreal. He attended Rockcliffe Park Public School, where he befriended future Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and later Ashbury College.

Matthew Perry career

When he was 15, Perry relocated from Ottawa to Los Angeles to reside with his father and pursue acting. He completed his education at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks in 1987. During his high school years, Perry honed his skills in improvisational comedy at the LA Connection in Sherman Oaks. Upon graduating, Perry secured the role of Chazz Russell in the television series Second Chance.

After 13 episodes, the show transformed into Boys Will Be Boys, with the storyline centered around Chazz and his companions. Perry’s debut on the big screen came in 1988 with the film A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon. In 1989, he portrayed Carol Seaver’s boyfriend Sandy, who tragically passes away in a hospital following a drunk-driving accident, in a three-episode arc on the series Growing Pains.

Perry’s next significant role was as the younger brother of Valerie Bertinelli’s character in the 1990 CBS sitcom Sydney. He also made a guest appearance as Roger Azarian on Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1991. In the spring of 1993, Perry took on the leading role in the ABC sitcom Home Free, which aired for 11 episodes. However, due to his commitment to a pilot, Perry was unable to be considered for a role in another pilot called Six of One, later known as Friends.

Nevertheless, after being given the opportunity to audition for a part in Six of One, he ultimately landed the role of Chandler Bing. At the age of 24, Perry was the youngest member of the main cast. By 2002, he and the rest of the main cast were earning $1 million per episode. Perry’s exceptional performance in the show earned him an Emmy nomination in 2002 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Additionally, he appeared in several films such as Fools Rush In, Almost Heroes, Three to Tango, The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel The Whole Ten Yards, and Serving Sara. Perry also showcased his talent in other television shows.

He portrayed Associate White House Counsel Joe Quincy in Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing, which earned him two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2003 and 2004. Furthermore, Perry appeared as attorney Todd Merrick in two episodes of Ally McBeal. In addition to his acting career, Perry made his directorial debut and acted in an episode of the fourth season of the comedy-drama Scrubs.

Matthew Perry death: How did he die?

Perry was discovered dead in a hot tub at his Los Angeles home on October 28, 2023. Detectives are currently conducting an investigation. TMZ was informed by law enforcement officials that he appeared to have drowned.

Perry underwent a five-month hospitalization in 2018 due to a gastrointestinal perforation, which was caused by opioid abuse. His condition was critical, and he was given a mere two percent chance of survival upon admission. Perry was placed on an ECMO machine to assist with breathing, and he remained in a coma for two weeks. Following his recovery, Perry had to rely on a colostomy bag for nine months.

Suzanne Marie Morrison and John Bennett Perry: Matthew Perry parents explored

John Bennett Perry and Suzanne Marie Morrison are Matthew Perry’s parents. His father, John Bennett, is an actor and former model from the United States, and his mother was press secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Perry was raised by his mother in Ottawa, Ontario, after his parents divorced. He also spent a brief time living in Toronto and Montreal. He went to Ashbury College after graduating from Rockcliffe Park Public School, where he later became friends with Justin Trudeau, the future prime minister of Canada.

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