Maui Chapman: Bio, Ex-husband, Divorce, More

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Life is full of many setbacks; sometimes, we are not just able to get over some of these setbacks. Among life’s setbacks is the issue of divorce. Maui Chapman was a happy woman until the setback of divorce hit her so hard. Who is her ex-husband?

In this article, we talk about the life of Maui Chapman who got divorced from her ex-husband and has kept a low profile since then.

We will discuss who her ex-husband is and how life has been for him too. Let’s get into it.

Maui Chapman Biography

Maui Chapman
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Before marrying her ex-husband, Maui was a very private person and even when she got married to the said man, she kept a low profile.

Hawaii’s Kailua is where Maui Chapman was born in what is believed to be in and around 1957.

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Because of the low profile that she has been able to keep, nothing much is known about her as information about her early life, childhood interests, siblings and parents are a bit scanty.

Maui Chapman has not revealed much about her background.

Her popularity stemmed from her marriage to her ex-husband so who is Maui Chapman ex-husband? More on him later on in this article.

Kindly read to the end to know who the man is.

The marriage between Maui and the other person was what brought the woman some fame but upon the collapse of the marriage, Maui left the spotlight and has remained out of it, her ex-husband, however, continues to enjoy the spotlight as he is a famous person based on the work he does.

Let’s discuss Maui Chapman ex-husband now.

Maui Chapman Ex-husband

Leland Chapman

Maui’s ex-husband is known as the popular American bail bondsman and bounty hunter, Leland Chapman.

Leland Blane Chapman, one of the stars of the A&E Network reality television series Dog the Bounty Hunter, is an American bail bondsman and bounty hunter born on December 14, 1976.

Additionally, he appeared in the television movie Dog and Beth: On the Hunt on Country Music Television.

Chapman was born the son of Duane Chapman Sr. and La Fonda Sue Darnall.

He spent his early years in Pampa, Texas, but relocated to Colorado Springs when he was a teenager.

When Maui’s ex-husband was an adolescent, he skipped school, fled his house, and joined a gang.

His mother placed him in foster care when she could no longer handle him, but he ran away and was placed in a boys’ home at the age of 13.

He had the option of returning to foster care or moving in with his father, and he selected the latter.

With the assistance of his close buddy Sonny Westbrook, Chapman started his boxing and mixed martial arts training at the age of seventeen.

When Leland was 18 years old, he completed high school.

The Marriage and Divorce

Maui Chapman

Maui Chapman divorce was a devastating one; one that they didn’t like but it happened. How did they meet each other?

Leland Chapman and Maui began dating in the early 1990s, and in 1995 they were married.

Leland Chapman, the star of the television series Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Maui Chapman’s marriage propelled Maui Chapman into the public eye.

Maui Chapman divorce from Leland eventually ruined every plan that they had taken together.

After more than ten years of marriage, Maui and Leland Chapman’s union fell apart.

After Leland Chapman was detained and imprisoned, the marriage started to fall apart.

Leland Chapman is also thought to have had an extramarital relationship.

It came as no surprise when Leland started dating another lady after being released from prison.

Although Maui and Leland Chapman split up in 2002, their divorce became official on April 21, 2005.

Cobie and Dakota (A stepson) are the two children of Maui.

Currently, we are not able to tell if Maui has remarried, but it appears she has decided to stay alone.

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