Maureen Wilson: Facts About Plant’s Ex-wife

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Maureen Wilson

Fame is not for everybody out there, and for some people, they get famous not because they want to but because they are closer to people who are. That is the case of Maureen Wilson who got married to Robert Plant in a marriage that hit the rocks after the two initially had some good times together and got people talking about them a lot.

You probably haven’t heard anything about who Maureen Wilson is beyond the fact that she is the ex-wife of the popular Robert Plant.

So, what do you know about Maureen? I bet nothing much, right? You don’t need to worry as the information you are looking for is about to be served to you.

Before we get into who Maureen Wilson is, permit me to give you a sneak peek into who her husband is for which he is so much talked about. Shall we? Okay!

Who is Robert Plant, Maureen’s former husband?

Maureen Wilson
Robert Plant. Credit | Yen

Robert Anthony Plant CBE is an English singer and songwriter, best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the English rock band Led Zeppelin for all of its existence from 1968 up until 1980.

Plant enjoyed great success with Led Zeppelin from the late 1960s to the end of the 1970s.

Born in West Bromwich, United Kingdom on August 10, 1948, Plant is 73 years old now (2021).

Plant’s father was Robert C. Plant, a qualified civil engineer who worked in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, and his mother was Annie Celia Plant.

Plant started to sing at a very early age.

Now that you know a little bit about who Robert Plant is, we get into whom his former wife Maureen Wilson is, a woman he married in 1968.

Who is Maureen Wilson?

Maureen Wilson
Maureen & Plant Source | Pinterest

Maureen Wilson was born in Kolkata, India on November 20th, 1948.

Shortly after her birth, her family moved to Birmingham in England where her father owned and operated a steel factory.

Maureen Wilson is an occasional actress and professional nurse.

Her career put her in the public’s eye, but not as much as her relationship with American singer and songwriter Robert Plant.

How did the couple meet?

Maureen Wilson
Maureen and Robert Wilson. Image credit | Daily Express

In 1966, Maureen Wilson met Robert Plant at a Georgie Fame concert, which at the last minute was canceled.

From then on they began seeing each other and their relationship blossomed. Throughout the mid-1960s, Plant struggled financially.

He played in various bands such as Listen, Band of Joy, and even had a few solo projects.

On November 9th, 1968, Robert Plant and Maureen Wilson married.

The reception took place at the Roundhouse, a venue Led Zeppelin played earlier that evening.

The concert was the first time the band played under the name of Led Zeppelin, prior to that going by The Yardbirds.

The couple had three children; Carmen Jane born in 1968, Karac Pendragon born in 1972 but sadly passed away in 1977 at just five years old through a stomach virus, and Logan Romero born in 1979.

The couple called it quits, sadly, in 1983, August.

After the divorce in 1983, Maureen Wilson briefly dated Ian Hatton around 1991.

Ian was a guitarist for Jason Bonham’s band Bonham.

It is not clear how long the two stayed together.

As at the putting together of this article, not much is known about Maureen’s whereabouts now but it is believed that at 73, she doesn’t need the spotlight any longer and won’t want to stay away from the public.


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