Maurice Scully cause of death, obituary, funeral

Maurice Scully cause of death, Maurice Scully obituary, Maurice Scully funeral

Irish poet Maurice Scully (1952–5 March 2023) wrote in the modernist style. Scully attended Trinity College and was schooled in Dublin. He belonged to Aosdana.

He spent some time in Italy, Africa, and the west of Ireland before relocating to Dublin with his wife and four kids.

Since Scully passed away, fellow authors, poets, and members of the Irish literary community have expressed their sorrow and condolences.

The Irish literary scene has suffered a significant loss with the departure of Maurice Scully. His work as a poet, translator, and editor contributed to the development of Irish poetry in the modern era, and his legacy will likely continue to influence writers in the years to come.

Maurice Scully made important contributions to Irish literature and had a big impact on the country’s current poetry landscape.

Maurice Scully cause of death

The death of Maurice Scully occurred on March 6, 2023. His reason of death has not been made known to the public.

Maurice Scully obituary

The Irish Times, RTE, and Poetry Ireland, among other Irish news sources, all ran obituaries for Maurice Scully. Scully’s significant literary output and influence on the Irish poetry scene are highlighted in the obituaries.

Maurice Scully funeral

Maurice Scully’s funeral arrangements have not yet been made public. It is likely that only his immediate family and friends will attend his funeral.

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