Mawule’s ‘Anything’ Music Video For All Fathers On This Father’s Day Is All You Have To Watch Today

In a society where one does not need to look far to be reminded of pain and suffering, the need for positive, uplifting music is more present than ever. Mawule uses his music to tell a specific story and reflect the human experience. “Anything” is a tribute to single black fathers everywhere. It shows the gentler, authentic tale of fathers who battle against all odds to provide, support, and nurture.

In Mawule’s own words:

“Anything is really about genuine love. My upbringing in a low-income household with parents working multiple jobs to provide for my siblings and I inspired the song. With that in mind, we portrayed this genuine love with the storyline of a single black father working hard and struggling to provide for his daughter. The goal was to shed a positive light on the black male image, spending time with their children, significant others, and loved ones. This video is going to be a must-watch for sure, as it celebrates black parenthood and fatherhood.”

Watch The Music Video Below:


More about Mawule 

Ebenezer Yebuah, better known by his artist name, Mawule, is not just an R&B artist, but also an activist. Born in Accra, Ghana, he and his family moved to Denver when he was 10 years old, and he has remained there ever since. Music has always been an integral part of Mawule’s life, starting with his active involvement in his church’s gospel choir. Since then, he released an EP (Reflections) a full-length album (Chosen), and an acclaimed debut music video for “Black is Beautiful.”

With a Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies and a Masters in Student Affairs and Higher Education, Mawule uses his music to reflect the human experience and to empower others. His songs bring awareness to topics such as:, race, poverty, sexual violence, suicide awareness, and self-discovery.

As a current Resident Director for the University of Denver, Mawule has often encountered many of these topics on a personal level. His passion for learning the stories of others and creating dialogue is present in his music and his role in the community.