Max Kellerman Fired: Where Is He Going After Leaving ESPN

ESPN has announced the firing of Max Kellerman. Many people are puzzled as to why he was dismissed in the aftermath of the unexpected revelation.

ESPN’s parent business has been laying off personnel as part of a larger drive to increase profitability. This campaign has now reached its apex, attracting widespread public and media attention.

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After hearing the news, many people are naturally inquisitive about the “This Just In With Max Kellerman” host’s predicament.

Along with Max Kellerman, his “Keyshawn, JWill & Max” co-host Keyshawn Johnson was let go in what has been described as “cuts that only affect a small group of employees.”

It is quite shocking for the public as they witness many changes in show hosts. Let’s take a detailed look at what happened and where Max is going after leaving ESPN.

Why Was Max Kellerman Fired?

ESPN sacked Max Kellerman as part of a larger campaign by Disney, ESPN’s parent company, to reduce staff numbers in order to increase profitability. He left the network on June 30, 2023.

Max Kellerman’s morning radio show, which he co-hosted with Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams, was canceled a few weeks ago. It was a long time before the news of Max’s dismissal broke.

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ESPN did not terminate just Keyshawn and Max; they were among several renowned staffers who were let go.

There were no particular reasons given. However, it is evident that their firing is part of a larger set of layoffs made by the famed news network across the board.

According to an internal ESPN memo, ESPN determined it was important to shift the cost management focus to public-facing commentator remuneration in order to save money, and that process has already begun.

Where Is Max Kellerman Going After Leaving ESPN?

Max Kellerman’s future plans after leaving ESPN are unknown. The network abruptly dismissed the American sports television star.

As of this writing, his official Twitter account had not been updated since June 29. He hasn’t mentioned his firing or new employment on social media.

He most likely had little time to arrange for his future employment before being fired.

Max is most likely seeking a new job. Once he has decided what he will do next, the media celebrity will undoubtedly notify his followers and well-wishers.




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