Max Stranger Things: Who is Max Mayfield in the Stranger Things series?

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Stranger Things series

Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series created and executive produced by the Duffer Brothers, who also act as showrunners and executive producers alongside Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

The series, which is mostly set in the made-up town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s, focuses on a number of mysteries and paranormal occurrences in the area and how they affect a cast of young and adult individuals.

On July 15, 2016, the first season was made available on Netflix. October 2017, July 2019, May, and July 2022 saw the release of its second, third, and fourth seasons, respectively. The show was picked up for a fifth and final season in February 2022.

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Max Mayfield in the Stranger Things

Max Stranger Things
Max Stranger Things: Who is Max Mayfield in the Stranger Things series?

Maxine “Max” Mayfield, played by Sadie Sink, is a central character in Stranger Things, who first appears in the second season. She is a newcomer to the Party and Billy Hargrove’s stepsister. Will Byers, Dustin Henderson, Jane “Eleven” Hopper, Lucas Sinclair, and Mike Wheeler are her closest pals, and she occasionally dates Lucas.

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Max, who was originally from California, was really interested in skateboarding since he was very little. Max and her temperamental stepbrother Billy moved to Hawkins, Indiana after her mother’s divorce and remarriage to Neil Hargrove in 1984.

As soon as she started dominating the game leaderboards at the Palace Arcade, Max immediately earned the nickname “MADMAX” for herself. Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Mike, regulars at the arcade, noticed Max’s high scores and thought she was a boy. At Hawkins Middle School, the lads realized Maxine, the new girl, and the enigmatic MADMAX were one and the same once she entered their class.

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While trick-or-treating on Halloween, Max ran into the lads. Initially put off by their behavior, Max had a change of heart and wanted to befriend them. Mike opposed the idea of adding Max as a formal member of “The Party,” despite Dustin and Lucas’ desire to do so in secret.

Max noticed Will’s weird “episodes” and become even more interested when he found out about Will’s absence the year before. Despite her new companions’ initial reluctance, Lucas finally revealed the entire sequence of events involving Will, Eleven, the Demogorgon, and the Upside Down.

Max was first hesitant, but his views would change as he and Lucas, Dustin, and his friend Steve Harrington came into contact with a group of faceless humanoid predators. The impact of the Upside Down was growing in Hawkins in the form of enormous, vine-like tunnels that dug deep into the city, and Max and her friends soon realized that Will was being controlled by “The Mind Flayer,” a malignant being acting as the mind and heart of the Upside Down.

By the summer of 1985, Max had made friends with Eleven and was dating Lucas intermittently, breaking up with him, and then starting back again. However, the Party’s focus moved to Billy as it was noticed that he was acting strangely, much to Max’s dismay. Later, the group learned that Billy had been taken over by the Mind Flayer, which led the Party and its allies to unite in order to battle them. Eleven reaffirmed Billy’s humanity while the group battled the Spider Monster with fireworks at Starcourt Mall. Billy’s decision to give his life in order to save Eleven appalled and traumatized Max.

Max Stranger Things

Max was severely affected by the loss of her stepbrother despite having a tumultuous relationship with Billy. She felt intense grief, survivor’s guilt, and melancholy. Max and the rest of the Party bid the Byers and Eleven farewell three months later after they had been moved to California by Dr. Owens.

Even months later, Max was still having trouble dealing with Billy’s death. She would frequently have nightmares in which she would relive the moment Billy passed away. She cut herself off from her friends and ended her relationship with Lucas permanently. But in March 1986, she made the decision to assist her old friends in figuring out who killed Chrissy Cunningham, who lived right next to her. When Max and her pals found out that Chrissy, like her, had been seeing the school counselor, they decided to break into the office to look for evidence about Chrissy’s death. Max became aware that she shared Chrissy’s symptoms and started to see unsettling hallucinations projected onto the real world.

Max and her companions came to the conclusion that she had been “cursed” by the enigmatic Vecna, an entity from the Upside Down, and that she didn’t have long to live. Max was able to survive, though, thanks to her friends’ playing her favorite music through her headphones.

This gave her a sense of reality and gave her the willpower to resist Vecna and come back to reality. The group devised a strategy to fight Vecna after learning of his true intentions. Max would serve as bait to divert him, and Nancy, Steve, and Robin would attack his real body in the Upside Down. Max rendered herself susceptible to Vecna’s influence at the abandoned Creel House by turning off her cassette player.

She started having hallucinations once more, but to her amazement, Eleven showed up in her visions thanks to her psychic projection ability. Vecna, however, outmatched Eleven and started slaughtering Max.

At the same time as Eleven mustered the strength to escape Vecna’s influence, Nancy, Steve, and Robin set Vecna’s physical body on fire with Molotov cocktails. Even though Max originally escaped Vecna’s second attempt at murder, she sustained injuries to her limbs and eyes, and her heart briefly stopped.

Her passing caused the fourth and final curse gate to open, unleashing havoc over Hawkins. But Eleven utilized her powers to restore Max’s heartbeat. Although she was brought back to life, she remained unconscious and on the verge of death.

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