McBrown Did Lip Surgery to Look Like Aba Dope- Movie Producer Reveals

Movie producer, Sammy Rasta has revealed the secret behind actress and media personality, Nana Ama McBrown’s lip surgery.

According to Sammy Rasta, Nana Ama McBrown has done lip surgery as it has been circulating across social media platforms.

He revealed that the viral pictures that had the actress resemble Aba Dope were shot during the process of her lip surgery which they do not know who secretly took them.

The producer has said that even though the actress hardly shoots movies these days, she remains an actress and is presently shooting a movie with Aba Dope, Ras Nene, Louisa Adinkra, Shifo, and many other Kumawood stars in Kumasi.

Sammy Rasta in a recent interview monitored by has said that the motive behind the actress’ lip surgery is to resemble her prodigy, Aba Dope in a movie dubbed “Great and Mighty” which is produced by the actress herself and directed by Samuel Owusu.

“I am telling you that she is going through under process to look like her. It was when she was going through the process that people saw her”, she said.

When asked about who shot the picture, Sammy Rasta said “She is not the one who posted the pictures. Why will she not sit somewhere? Will she not go out?”

Meanwhile, Sammy Rasta used the opportunity to lambast social media users who criticized the actress for having lip surgery.

He said that he is okay if people criticize the actress, but he is not comfortable with people using unprintable words on the actress for having lip surgery.

“Do yo have to insult her? and call her names? That is what I am talking about, if you want to talk about her everyone has their opinions but you don’t know what someone is up to but you don’t use that”, he said.

Adding that “the person is a public figure so if someone invites her to go for a specific program she has to go. Don’t tell her because she is in the process of doing lip surgery she should remain indoors”.

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