McDan offers to fund the expensive treatment of Awuche, Ghana’s tallest man to stop growing taller

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McDan, the name given to McDan Group of Businesses CEO Daniel McKorley, has stepped in to help get Ghana’s highest man, Sulemana Abdul Samed, treated for the uncommon disease that causes him to grow abnormally tall.

The young man from northern Ghana rose to prominence late last year after news of his towering stature fueled widespread conjecture that he might actually be the world’s highest man.

Acromegaly, an extremely unusual hormonal condition brought on by an overabundance of growth hormone, was his official diagnosis.

Specialists at Tamale Teaching Hospital, he claims, have warned him that his height will continue to increase unless he has operation to stop it.

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“I need help for surgery because the doctors said the growth is in my head, so I need surgery to stop it,” Samed cried in a Citi TV report.

The young man went on to say that the unusual height isn’t the only thing causing him pain; he also has persistent spinal nerve aches.

Samed complained that his height has made it costly for him because he needs at least 14 yards of fabric to make a single piece of clothing for himself.

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He explained that the strain on his finances had led to the failure of his mobile money company.

“His double-sized mattress and a student mattress have been combined to give him relative comfort, even that, he has to sleep in a diagonal way.

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“From afar, he looks tall and like a giant but a closer view of him reveals Awuche is physically unfit.

“He is battling chronic wounds with a bandage tied to his left leg. There is also a visible wound on the right leg plus other health conditions,” reported last year.

Thankfully, McDan has offered to fund the treatment of Samed and make him live a meaningful life.

According to him, his team in the northern part of Ghana informed him about the young man’s situation following reports about his predicament.

“They called me that Awuche has a problem and his problem is lingering. So I quickly called Kelvin, my foundation team and Carlos to pay him a visit and see what we can do for him,” he told JoyNews.

As a result, McDan Foundation has offered to fully fund the medical treatment of the young man.

“Having the tallest man in the world in your backyard is a big deal. If you ask me, it is a big deal and that must be looked at seriously. And as a nation we cannot allow such a person, excuse my language rot in the north,” the news website quoted the business mogul to have said.

Awuche is currently undergoing a series of ultrasound scans at the Blue Valley Specialist Medical Centre thanks to the McDan Foundation.





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