McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits Has Launched A New Promo To Celebrate It’s 125th Anniversary & You Could Win Ghc10,000 In Cash Plus Other Prizes

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McVitie’s is a very known brand here in Ghana and we’ve all been eating digestive biscuits since childhood and still enjoy their delicious biscuits after all these years. The producers of the delicious biscuit, Digestive have launched a National Consumer promotion today, November 21st, 2017 at the Accra mall to celebrate their 125th Anniversary.

Speaking at the launch of their 125th-anniversary celebration, the Marketing Director for Pladis Nigeria (parent company for McVities) Toyin Nnodi announced that, the company wants to reward all of its loyal customers as they celebrate their 125th anniversary.

If you love eating Digestive biscuits, then you have a chance to win Ghc10,000 in their new promo which started yesterday (November 20, 2017) and ends on 31st December 2017. That’s not all, you can also get to win Ghc5000 and 2000 in cash. You also get to win lots of airtime from 1ghc to 5ghc.

Chris Handler( asking a question at the launch of McVities Digestive 125th Anniversary celebration
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All you need to do is to buy yourself a 40g Digestive biscuit from the store and you would see a portion you can scratch, do that and send the code you see via SMS to the shortcode 1393 on all networks and enter into the draw. There SMS is FREE, no charge and you can send as many entries as you want but one code for each biscuit only.

Digestive promo running in Ghana
This is the Biscuit to buy which sells at 1ghc. Scratch the code and send to 1393


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All the winners from the promo will be announced by the 8th of January and we would follow the promo and bring you further updates on it.

So if you love eating McVities, then it’s about time to try your luck. Eat more McVities Digestive biscuits today and simply send the number after scratching to 1393 and enter into a draw to win the cash or free airtime.


mcvities digestive ghana

Brief history of McVities Digestive Biscuit

The World’s first Digestive biscuit was produced in 1892 although Robert McVities started making biscuits as far back as 1830 and over the years the brand grew and expanded into 80 countries around the world. They then started importing the biscuits into Africa some 40 years ago.

In 2005, another branch of the company was opened in Nigeria and Nigeria has since been producing Digestive biscuits and exports all of the Digestive biscuits to Ghana and other African countries.



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