Medikal and Fella Makafui’s breakup was a publicity stunt they pulled just to trend – Sister Derby

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Medikal and Fella in the early days of January 2020 went viral and became the talk on social media over their supposed breakup.

The pair who have for the past years flaunted their love on social media went against each other in a series of posts that sparked breakup rumours.

Neither the two spoke about the issue but their activities on social media proved the two were in real trouble. It ended with the two, posting a vacation to prove they have solved their relationship.

Well, that what we were meant to believe until Medikal’s former girlfriend granted a recent interview and exposed the rationale behind that breakup issue.

According to Sister Derby, the breakup brouhaha between the two was a publicity stunt they pulled just to trend.

Sister Derby in an interview on Joy FM revealed that when she was dating Medikal, he wanted them to pull a break up publicity stunt just to trend as he did with Fella Makafui just recently.

In Sister Derby’s narration, Medikal brought up an idea that they pretend that they are no longer together when they were dating but she refused to agree to his the boyfriend’s ‘childish’ idea because she doesn’t want to be noted as someone who does fake things just to trend.

“He asked me to pull a stunt like twice or three times and I said no. It was a breakup. I said no because I’m not the type of person that does fake things for news. I don’t like that and two I don’t like to attract bad energy. I feel like what you say manifests so you have to be careful of what you say and what you do and I didn’t want to break up.”

Sister Derby further stated that she never believed the Medikal-Fella Makafui break up rumours because she knew that it was a publicity stunt.

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