Medikal goes off on fake pastors in a new post on Twitter

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Medikal has slammed fake pastors in a new post on Twitter and why being a stripper is even more decent than their modus operandi.

The rapper and husband of former YOLO actress Fella Makafui said in his next world, he will prefer to be a stripper because that’s more decent than so-called men of God defrauding the masses by twisting the content of the bible.

Medikal who made history at the 22nd edition of the VGMA by winning the Hiplife/Hip-hop artiste award for the 3rd time in a row also said Africans have warped logic about strippers.

He said if anyone sees him throwing money on them when he is at the club, he’s merely supporting their business.

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He wrote; Being a stripper is the most decent job tbh. It’s better than being deceived by some fake pastors in disguise. My next life I might be a stripper cuz I go come as Abena or Akos.

Known to his fans as El Chairmano or MDK, Medikal previously asked his fans and by extension, his friends and family never to shed tears when he dies.

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The thumped that he’ll make sure everyone within his space succeeds in life before he dies.

By executing that singular acts, he believes he has lived a life of fulfilment hence there will be no need for tears when he’s dead and gone.

Medikal disclosed in a tweet that he would empower everyone around him and give them the pedestal to shine.

‘I’m putting all my Niggas on before I die, in return, y’all shouldn’t cry at my funeral, Samuel lived his best life!’ he posted before these new series of tweets as aforementioned.


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