Medikal in less than a week has made Strongman more popular than his 2yrs stay at SarkCess Music – Popular opinion

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Strongman was tipped as the future of Ghana rap after emerging as the winner of “Next Big Thing In GH Hip-Hop” in 2012. Those with this perception were convinced beyond that with a little push, the budding rapper will become a force to reckon with in the rap game.

The people’s prayer (financial breakthrough) in a way came into reality when on March 24, 2017, Strongman was signed by Sarkodie’s SarkCess Music. Prior to, Strongman was a member of the MicBurnerz Music.

The Signing of Strongman Onto SarkCess Music

But then, some people were not enthused about Strongman’s move to SarkCess Music with varied reasons. For some, the signing of Strongman by Sarkodie was a strategic move to dim the shine of the young chap.

Someway somehow, the contractual agreement between SarkCess Music and Strongman came to an end in April 15, 2019 and Sarkodie is the CEO of the label failed to renew Strongman’s contract for reasons best known to him.

Fast forward, social media commentators and some pundits concluded that Sarkodie couldn’t do well to nurture and push the music career of Strongman as expecting. Thus, Strongman’s relevancy in the game throughout his two years stay wasn’t too encouraging when analysed.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Strongman and Medikal have been engaged in a fierce lyrical war for the past days. As a result, they have become the talk of Ghana especially Strongman whom the majority have tipped him as the winner of the battle. This has helped him get more recognition not only in Ghana but expatriates.

Medikal’s beef has helped Strongman than Sarkodie’s label – Blogger

Statistically, the social media followers of Strongman has greatly increased not excluding his music viewership on YouTube. For clarity, before the start of this beef, Strongman had below 20,000 YouTube subscribers but now he has about 42,517 subscribers — that’s just 3 days after his beef with Medikal.

Strongman’s YouTube channel subscribers

Fast forward, some bloggers, pundits, music enthusiasts and majority of Ghanaians on social media have concluded that Strongman’s beef with Medikal is nothing but a blessing in disguise! Thus, it has helped him become more popular than his longer stay at Sarkodie’s SarkCess Music.

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