Medikal’s Alleged Side-Chic Finally Breaks Her Silence; Says She Never Dated Him But Ended Up Exposing Herself

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The lady we’ve come to know as Samie has spoken finally about the ongoing rumours that she was Medikal’s side-chic and now that Fella is in the picture, she was asking Medikal to make a choice.

So for those who have not followed the story, let’s break it down for you. Few days ago, screenshots of Instagram chat between this lady and Medikal leaked online and from the conversations in the screenshot, the impression everyone had was that they were dating and had accepted the role of a side-chic.

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From what knows, she has been a side-chic since the days Medikal started dating Sister Derby and was hoping to graduate to main chick, when Medikal broke up with Sister Derby, only for Medikal to announce Fella Makafui as his new main chick–You get the drift?


Earlier in the day, her friend who happens to be Xandy Kamel came out to refute the claims that she was a side chic of Medikal, saying that she never dated Medikal and that it was rather Medikal who has been chasing her and begging to have a relationship with her.

Well, now Samie, the alleged side-chic has cleared the air on the issue stating that, she never dated Medikal before and was never his side-chic.

Fella Makafui and Medikal

Funny enough, she then states in the video that, the chats are REAL—Like if the chats are REAL as you claiming, how the f*ck do you say you never dated Medikal?

Just in case, you are lost, we’ve added the screenshot again below and that alone tells you, they had something going on, reason why she was asking him to make a choice–Remember she admitted in the video we’ve attached below that, the chats are REAL.

Now watch her video explanation below:


A copy of her post from her Instagram account below:

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