Meek Mill video at Jubilee House good for tourism – Music producer Fred Kyei Mensah

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Music executive Fred Kyei Mensah has justified the viral video of American rapper Meek Mill at the Jubilee House.

Meek Mill is currently trending on Twitter after he shared a reel of his music video shot at the Jubilee house. A lot of people have lambasted Meek Mill and the presidency for giving the Jubilee space out for a music video.

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The experienced music executive has opined that the use of the seat of the Government is good for tourism and Ghanaians should desist from condemning the music video of Meek Mill.

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He also debunked assertions that some Ghanaians have been not been allowed to take videos and pictures there. He said the video of Meek Mill shouldn’t be countenanced.

He said;

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Take your time and read.

There would have been no problem, if the fish 🐠 had known that, the very water that sustained it, was the same that was going to be used to boil it for soup. When the axe entered the forest, the trees, were surprised to see that, the handle was one of their own.

In the song, “Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild”, it continues like “pity my simplicity”….

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Na anka, asem nni h) ooo, nanso….

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Once upon a time ⌚, because of our “dirty” politics, some people even said, they

were going to use the Jubilee House as a poultry farm na wo anya na Meek Mill a use de atwa music video, wo se wo kooko apae? Brace yourself for more tourism adventures. Mo anya no atufuor buor koraa. Lol 😂

A lot of celebrities from the diaspora and in Ghana 🇬🇭, have visited the Jubilee House, and taken pictures of the very place some people are complaining about Meek Mill’s video 📹 being shot. Jubilee House has a designated area where pictures and videos are allowed to be taken and I have experienced the same.



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