Meet The 26-year Old Man Who Says He Wants To Be Ghana’s Version Of Bobrisky (+Photos)

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Nigeria’s cross-dresser, Bobrisky has garnered much fame on social media for his weird persona which he has somewhat managed successfully in highly conservative environment like Africa. This has somewhat inspired lots of individual who feel aligned to be identified as such like this 26-year old Ghanaian man who goes by the name of Madina Broni.
Madina Broni, according to report has revealed that he wants to become Ghana’s version of the famous Instagram sensation.  Sources say the young mn, who is also referred to as Slay Quee, has been habouring this fantasy and wish to make happen sooner than later.
A friend close to Madina Broni told that the 26 year old man’s family are aware of his [at least in Ghana] controversial way of life and says that they’re very supportive.
A Cross-dresser is a person who  wears items of clothing and other accoutrements commonly associated with the opposite sex within a particular society. Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, and self-discovery in modern times and throughout history.
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