Meet 4-Year-Old Boy Who Is Already Studying Aviation Due To His Love For Helicopters, Knows 16 Types Of Helicopters Already

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At the tender age of four, Elias Muthomi Gitonga is studying aviation due to his extreme for helicopters and how they operate. 

His parents even revealed in an interview that their son showed his brilliance when he was barely a year old. Speaking to Inooro TV, the parents said they were awestruck when Muthomi started reading things that nobody had ever taught him before when he was just a year old and he had a particular understanding of helicopters at that age.

“We noticed this gift when he was a year and six months old. He could read things on TV and also the words written in the newspapers. He then started showing great interest in planes and helicopters,” the boy’s father, Moses Gitonga said.

The report adds that Muthomi can already tell apart 16 types of helicopters and he knows the different parts of a chopper and their uses. In 2019, his passion for aviation caught the attention of the military, which invited the young champ to its Eastleigh military airstrip to learn more about helicopters.

In school, the young chap has been ‘upgraded’ to grade one after his teachers realized he was too smart to be in kindergarten (KG)

“His brains can handle things above his age. He is a four-year-old child who should be doing PP1 things but we took him to Grade One after engaging him because we realized PP1 was too low for him,”

Ken Kugor, a teacher at Beadom Primary School said. The parents are hopeful their son’s unique talent will be nurtured until when someday, he will become a pilot as he so dreams.

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