Meet Annabelle Ham boyfriend, Dane Tyler

Netizens want to know Meet Annabelle Ham’s boyfriend, Dane Tyler in the wake of her sudden demise. Annabelle Ham was a social media personality and influencer who died last week after an “epileptic event,” her family said Tuesday.

“This is Annabelle’s family. We’re writing this with heavy, heavy hearts,” reads a caption of a family photo posted to the 22-year-old content creator’s Instagram account.

“Annabelle experienced an epileptic event and has gone on to the gates of heaven. She struggled with this for a long time and wanted to raise awareness for it, which we will do in honour of her,” the statement read.

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons defines epilepsy as a brain condition marked by recurrent seizures. No formal cause of death has been disclosed.

One of Ham’s sisters, Alexandria, told The Post on Tuesday that Ham “struggled with epilepsy for a while.”

“Honestly — she was just all that’s good in this world. She was the life of the party, a spark plug, she loved everyone she met and everyone loved her too,” Alexandria said in a message.

“She was always so happy and looked for ways to make every day, situation, or outing better. There really aren’t adequate words for how good she was.”

Meet Annabelle Ham boyfriend, Dane Tyler

Annabelle Ham boyfriend, Dane Tyler

Before her death, Annabelle Ham was in a romantic relationship with a man named Dane Tyler. Regrettably, we have no extensive information about Dane Tyler in our database.


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