Meet Brandon Smiley’s mother, Brenda

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Comedian, Rickey Smiley, and his family are in a sad state as he lost his son, Brandon Smiley who happened to be a musician.

The comedian took to Instagram to upload a video on Sunday, January, 29th, 2023 that his son has passed away and also urged people to pray for her son’s mother.

Few hours after he shared the video his followers and fans started sharing their condolences and indeed the video spiked massive views on Instagram and other platforms like YouTube.

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Brandon Smiley was walking in the footsteps of his dad and was also a musician who even released a couple of records.

He died but was survived by his three-year-old daughter, Storm.

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Brandon Smiley’s mother, Brenda, and Rickey’s relationship

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Comedian, Rickey Smiley opened up on his Panic Room podcast while having a conversation with Pierre Edwards that he had been married to Brandon’s mother for 12 years.

According to Rickey he never cheated on her throughout their 12 years of marriage.

The comedian last posted a video on YouTube to explain why his ex-wife who is Brandon’s mother, Brenda didn’t take his surname


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